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Favela World – learning, experiencing & volunteering in favelas of Rio.

29 Jul

Rocinha 2009

Local markets in Rocinha. RAW


Playing with barbies brought  me back a lot of good childhood memories…

I was probably  having just as much fun as they were!

Let kids be kids! ~




Some people live in Rio they’re entire lives and have never been to one of the Favelas (slums).

As a tourist if you want to experience a different reality and the contrasts of this city and social discrepancies please make sure to take all the necessary precautions!

1) Going with a couple of people – including at least 1 local ( someone that actually lives in the favela and knows its rules and rulers);

2)Being introduced to representatives of NGA’s, community leaders and making sure the army knows you are in there

3) Keep it low key. Make up free, no purses, jewelry or any flashy things – just an id, a cell phone and some change in your pocket.

are the very minimum precautions.

Visiting Project “Attitude Social” – a project run by locals (with some outside support) that is helping kids through sports in one of the most dangerous favelas of Rio – Vila Cruzeiro / Bairro da Penha.

Projeto Atitude Social soccer field
Favela Vila Cruzerio – Bairro da Penha

This is the actual field where current famous players such as Ronaldo and Adriano had their first contact with soccer.

These famous soccer players are more than a sports hero to these kids… they are role models and their  stories give these kids hope that they too have a shot to change their reality.

It was nice joinning all the soccer fun
– with the kids and the local coach.

I even found a super cute girl who was killing most of the boys in the field! She tried to teach me a few moves,,,
To my surprise… I found out that I wasn’t born with any soccer player skills! :-)

Girl Power!

After the game


with MMA fighter known as “Relma” who is teaching local kids jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts free of charge to keep them out of drugs and local crime.

Relma’s improvised jiu-jitsu studio

I learned a few moves! watch out! ~

Here bellow he is proud to show me a few articles for winning some MMA titles with no/very little sponsorship

and some local media news ackowloging the work he has been doing to help the kids in the comunity he was born and raised

Vila Cruzeiro

Visiting Complexo do Alemao.
Complexo do Alemao includes 11 distinctive favelas.
When looking from above
You can’t see where it starts nor where it ends.
It was much , much bigger than anything I could have imagined…

Until a few months ago would have been much riskier to visit these areas because even the police couldn’t come in.

Now In hopes to pacify these communities and keep them away from the drug lords rulings,after a lot of work and a little bit of a “civil war” brazilian government has put the army in these areas.

The plan is: once the area has been “successfully” pacified the army leaves and the police (upp) takes over as it has already happened in other favelas of Rio but not yet at none of the 11 favelas in Complexo do Alemao.

D on’t try this…

Sometimes I get to work wearing some of my own Swimwear Designs :-)

24 May

Laura Soares Swimwear Collection

Sharing bellow a few pictures from various bookings and projects in which I got to wear my own swimwear creations

`It sure feels to me like the  “best of both worlds” when I get to marry the swimwear line and the modeling work.



Few Memorable Moments

19 Feb

Russel Simmons – Laura Soares – Grammy’s

Grammy’s night 2012 with Mike Love & Beach Boys

Laura with Garry Marshal and John Stamos

George Lopez

Essence Magazine Luncheon at Beverly Hils Hotel – Kerry Washington

Luncheon at Beverly Hills Hotel with Michelle Ebanks – president of Essence magazine


Laura Soares on the field with The One & Only Famous “Coach Tom Izzo”


Laura Soares and George Lopez for HBO

Laura Soare’s Swimwear Fashion show with  Fab Morvan – Milli Vanilli

Actress Laura Soares & Brazilian Actor/director Marcio Garcia

with Royce Gracie – MMA Figher, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu innovator

Laura Soares for El Coyote (y su banda) music video  – over 2 million views on youtube

With Fabio Lanzoni and Marjorie de Andrade

with  Lance Moss N’Sync -

A few special moments back home – Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

19 Jan

Nothing like the sun, the san and refreshing salty ocean water to revigorate the body and soul ~

That’s when I’m the happiest :-)

Beautiful Sunset in Santa Tereza

Sunset in Barra Da Tijuca Beach – Rio de Janeiro BR

Old School cooking – Connecting with my roots and childhood memories

Sand Sculptures in Copacabana Beach

Miss Brazil USA

5 Nov

Judge at Miss Brazil USA 2011

Los Angeles, CA.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bellow with the misses

A few Videos to share …

25 Oct

Rukus magazine Laura Soares

Laura Soares for OYE magazine

Laura Soares for DTM magazine photoshoot
Laura Soares George Lopez for HBO
Golchin Commercial
Golchin Commercial featuring brazilian actress Laura Soares
Interview for Hispanic Lifestyle on PBS
Laura Soares PBS interview
Behind the Scenes photoshoot for RUKUS magazine
Rukus magazine Laura Soares
Miss Brazil 2007
Miss Brazil laura soares 2007
El Coyote y su Banda Tierra Santa – music video
Laura Soares el coyote y su banda tierra santa music video
Laura Soares Maxim

Los Angeles Fashion 2011 Week at Vibiana

20 Oct

Watch the full video at –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaV6Fa1FYHI


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