Laura Soares Host – Countdown to Rio

Brazil will be the stage of the world for the next decade hosting the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics.

I have been getting so many questions about the topic that I decide to dedicate this page to answering some of these questions in addition to providing everyone with an insider’s perspective on the culture, food, entertainment, neighborhoods, where to stay, what to do, what not to do and so on!

I have travel all over the world ( with a few places still on my “to go” list) and while I love to experience new cultures I have to state that it’s hard to find a culture that celebrates life quite like the brazilian culture.

If you have been to Brazil you already know that you will not want to miss these events.

If you haven’t … don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself on a worldly event, a new cultural experience , excitement and very unique energy !

 The FIFA World Cup will be in 2014  

and  The Olympics in 2016!


- Sugar Loaf

Hike up to the first mountain and enjoy the forest.

Tickets to go to the next mountain may also be purchased from the upstairs cashier  saving the hassle of long lines from the ground cashier.

- Copacabana Beach

Sand sculptures NYE 2011/2012

Bellow having an interesting conversation with Ubiratan da Conceicao – sand artist in Copacabana.

He calls this piece “Bira and his Sand’s Women”

Interviewing Sand artist Ubiratan da Conceicao in Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro BR

Cheers! (or Tin-tin!)

CHEERS! Tin-tin!  (Laura Soares interviewing Bira in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro)


Pit Stop at Boteco “Pavao Azul”

- voted for best food at  a “pe sujo”  style of bar in Zona Sul

In Rio it’s very typical to have a cold beer / chopp with friends at the end of the day at a boteco

*Botecos are very informal bars that you drink standing up or sitting at a very casual setting.

In this case why not sit right at a cop’s car (Policia Civil of Rio de Janeiro)?

Talk about cultural differences…

Laura caught having a cold beer sitting at a cop’s car

So be it… let us celebrate life~Nothing like the sun, the san and refreshing salty ocean water to revigorate the body and soul ~

That’s when I’m the happiest :-)  Embracing a Summer in Bahia

Beautiful Sunset in Santa Tereza

Sunset in Barra Da Tijuca Beach – Rio de Janeiro BR

Old School cooking – Connecting with my roots and childhood memories

Sand Sculptures in Copacabana Beach






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